Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Seasons Continued...

Third Principle...every NEW SEASON must serve its divinely appointed Purpose before it ceases...Acts13v36...therefore it is imperative for one to know the purpose of the season in order for them to appropriate the favor that comes with a particular kairos...remember there is an EVENING of the season and the MORNING the season...Check Genesis1v13...catch that

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


understanding the nature and language of four seasons: seasons change, seasons are governed by purpose, seasons are seasonal, seasons move in cycles, seasons have signs, seasons are God ordained, season have assigments, seasons are predictable,seasons are different, seasons continual, seasons are seperate, seasons are measured, seasons are demanding, seasons are important....
l am currently dealing with the message at our local house EIGHT PRINCIPLES THAT GOVERN NEW SEASONS...FIRST PRINCIPLE is that every NEW SEASON comes to declare and end of previous season...lsa43v19...i.e Vashti out Esther in, Moses out and Joshua in, Saul out and David in, Eli out and Samuel in...The is a change of Leadership...a new breed of leaders are emerging...the Lion(Sovereign God) has roared(decreed) who will not fear? Amos3v8
SECOND PRINCIPLE...every NEW SEASON demands a change of mantles/wineskins...when new season comes you must change your WARDROBE...when esther became a queen her wardrobe was change Esther5v1...esther generation put on your Royal governmemtal apparel YOUR GOD is the God of times and seasons...eccl3v1

To be continued,keep informed shibboleth

Friday, 31 December 2010

Message from Baptism Camp

I enjoyed the Baptist God be the glory...2011 know that Jesus is still on the throne so 2011 submit to the ancient of days...THERE IS A RIVER FROM THE THRONE IN 2011 A RIVER OF KINGDOM FINANCES...

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